News that does not concern you

door: Annemarie van Vondelen - 18-03-2016

Well, it depends on how you see it. I am not ashamed to say, with an appropriate amount of pride, that I am quite pleased with the result that you are seeing (on your tablet or PC). By that I mean our SecuFast website. I am purposefully not saying our "new" website. The media shows that it is really not the done thing to report this.

News that does not concern you

It is actually a really bad idea. Because nobody is interested in your innovation. You are expected to constantly update your website. Obviously you will be able to read up-to-date information about our Security Fasteners, applications and novelties within a few clicks. That's not news for you.

For me (and for my colleagues), this is a more sensitive subject, because it takes months of preparation and work. The larger part of our visitors probably consists of people who have never seen our website before. A group that does not care about this in the slightest. And even our most loyal visitors spend an average of 1.5 hours per year on our website, which is less than 2 minutes per week. Chances are they will barely notice our innovation. Never mind the new logo, which is now part of our new house style. I will spare you story of its creation. Just read: pitfall no. 1: "do not involve all of your colleagues in the making of your house style". We will remember that one for next time... It was a learning curve, but it did give me a peek into the creative minds of my colleagues! What do you mean Back office sales person, behind that job profile is also a true Social media talent. But no matter.

As a visitor, you visit our website "to do something" and "to be convinced", to take away any, ever difficult, doubts. The fact that, in doing so, you use the optimum user-friendliness is just an added bonus. The fact that a webshop (quoting) module has now been added is of course also very ordinary. You can discover and experience is all yourself.  How you do this is up to you. For the doubters among us, let SecuFast convince you.

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Peco Douwes Group is ijzersterk in schroef- en montagetechniek. Uw leverancier voor het dynamisch verschroeven in het hogere segment.

Gespecialiseerd in het leveren van speciale bouten en moeren. Kwaliteit en kennis, gecombineerd met snelle levering, zorgen er voor dat elk bevestigingsvraagstuk wordt opgelost.

SecuFast is uw leverancier voor veiligheidsschroeven. Sterk in kleine aantallen, specials en snelle levering.

Douwes is specialist op het gebied van (ver)schroeven. Voor elke verbinding de juiste schroef.

Douwes is de specialist in elektrische schroevendraaiers. Voor elk werkbereik hebben wij een keuze uit meerdere hoogwaardige fabrikaten.

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